I like to think I have uncovential taste in jewellery. I don’t generally like the enormous garish earrings or brooches that are worn by Art Gallery Ladies, and things from Tiffany’s are a little out of my budget.
So when I found Laughing Vixen Lounge on Etsy, I was in heaven. Kris, the jeweller, makes charm bracelets, pendants, bookmarks and trinkets – but with the coolest of pop culture themes. As I browsed, I came across a square pendant that read, “What Would Buffy Do?” Instant love! Perusing further, I found that LVL had an entire section devoted to ‘Supernatural’ – which, if you know me on Facebook, LJ, or, well, anywhere, you’ll know is my favourite TV obsession. Once I spotted the Hunter’s bracelet (which carries good luck/protection charms from different cultures around the world, and was modelled on the one worn by the Winchester boys’ mother in season 5) , I was smitten. I now have three different versions and I’m fairly superstitious about not leaving the house without wearing one!
Also, Kris seems to have the same pop culture obsessions I do , including – but not limited to – Buffy, Alice in Wonderland, zombies, the Bride of Frankenstein, old school pin-ups, and the Addams family. It takes restraint not to buy everything.
Also, when you visit Laughing Vixen Lounge on blogger  (, you’re greeted by the digital jukebox playing the True Blood theme. Enough fangirl squee! Get clicking and buying….don’t tell me you don’t want a pendant with a cartoon Samantha from ‘Bewitched’ on it….laughing vixen lounge


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