There’s only so much to do when the weather in frowny and discouraging and you’re doing nothing but sitting by the phone, waiting for some important person to tell you what in the slashy heck is going on with your life. So here’s my project – making icons Livejournal style and putting them into galleries on Google+. They’re not there for anyone to interpret or judge, but they make my brain circuits work and they’re hell of fun. I found a great, extremely basic photo editor called and while it’s probably only satisfying for complete amateur hours like me, well, technically, Bigcorporate bookshop is still sort of paying me to do it.
I’ve already done a stack of “collages” for each sign of the zodiac, and my next task is to make an LJ style icon – one for each Tori Amos album, featuring my favourite lyric. So I’m not doing anything terribly original – it’s probably copyright-infringement-baiting, really, but…Imma not caring. If you see anything you like, feel free to take, but you must give credit to the original artist. (Tori’s probably not so bothered. Shower my world with pink and glitter…at least it’s free AND it keeps off the street and out of trouble.

Silent All These Years - from 'Little Earthquakes'


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