"Bullet With Butterfly Wings" from the Smashing Pumpkins album, 'Melon Collie & The Infinite Sadness", 1995. lyrics Billy Corgan©

What can I say about the amazing Ms Buffy Summers that hasn’t already been said? Her creator, Joss Whedon,  purposely set out to make an icon, a heroine, a superhero who could hold her own alongside Superman and Wonder Woman; “Barbie with a Kung Fu Grip.” To say he succeeded is like saying the Pope follows some Catholic practices. But unlike so many of her (mostly male) predecessors, Buffy also had to cope with the horrors of the real world, and not just the hell dimensions that were constantly leaking or leaping out of the conveniently-located Sunnydale Hellmouth. And it wasn’t always easy – she was betrayed, tortured, lied to…forced to make choices a more average female character wouldn’t have to make. Hell, she even died (twice) – saving the world – something she did, a lot. She’s an archetypal Aries too (like Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played her for seven years) in that she’s a warrior first and a thinker second. But when it comes to blood, love and loyalty, Buffy’s side is the one you want to be on. (But don’t be too lovable – Whedon will kill you off in an undead heartbeat.)


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