Edge Of The Moon from Night Of Hunters, 2011

I don’t really listen to classical music – okay, that’s a lie, I never listen to classical music, I just sometimes accidentally hear it. So in trying to get my head around Tori Amos’ new album, Night Of Hunters, I listened to the corresponding pieces that the NOH songs are ‘variations’ on. It’s something I would only do once,out of curiousity (which makes me sound like someone about to develop a devastating ice habit.) I can’t really deny that I understand rock more than anything else – although I do have a soft spot for some musical theatre which is an inevitable result of attending drama school. All I really discovered from this was that I can’t write with any great clarity about the album, because as strange as it sounds, it really does seem to be something you have to experience as a whole. (“Song Cycle” is the technical term, which makes me think of washing mahines.) To describe any one song would be a little like reviewing Star Wars but only the Cantina scene. I don’t think I will drink it up the way I did American Doll Posse, even though it’s kind of that albums elegant, British older sister. But I am still utterly enamoured of Tori. I can’t think of a musician who is less concerned with being cool. And who has put out a rock epic, a MOR album, a Xmas album ALL THE WHILE touring and then a double concept album based on 19th century classical music and Irish mythology – in the space of four years. Even if you can’t stand a single one of her songs you’ve got to admire her work ethic.


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