ha ha ha. But no.


I'd LOVE to know what he'd just been asked.

I know, I know, I shouldn't be such a bitch BUT sometimes the shenanningans on FB are JUST TOO MUCH. Don't we all have an aquaintance who posts albums full of photos of themselves purely to garner a flurry of comments from their sychophants – er, friends – oh Agatha you're so cool and sexy and I wish I was like you etc etc and Agatha herself is *totally* into it, saying things like, yes, I totally agree I should have been born in a different time frame, my beauty is just so classic and doesn't fit in with the Gossip Girl mode….oh please, someone tell that girl/guy to shut up. I'm probably just jealous. 😉


About rabbitwithfangs

Redheaded ageing riotgrrrl, loves Buffy, Dean Winchester and Alice in Wonderland. Married to very patient merman. Aries Sun with Taurus rising. Usually off with the faeries in the nicest possible way. Wants more tattoos and more jasmine iced tea.

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