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TV Goes to Hell: An Unofficial Road Map of Supernatural


As a natural heir to the hit television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Supernatural” has risen to prominence with a strong cult following, and this series of essays from contributors around the globe investigates the genre-bending series’ cultural footprint both in the United States and abroad. The writings explore topics such as folklore, religion, gender and sexuality, comedy, music, and much more, and a brief guide to all the episodes is also included. “Supernatural” follows brothers Dean and Sam Winchester as they encounter and battle evil beings such as vampires, shapeshifters, ghouls, and ghosts from a multitude of genres including folklore, urban legends, and religious history.

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How excited does this make me? It makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall for not noticing the time-frame in which you could enter essays! Guess I’m going to have to write my own goddamm book . Also, who want to be in a band with me called TV Goes To Hell – I need A) a drummer B) a lead guitarist and C) either a rhythm guitarist or a bass player, I ‘ll do whichever you don’t want. Imma also do keyboards and anyone can do as much or as little vocals as they want. Aight.